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How It Works:

  • After buying, please create a ticket on our Discord server or contact our support.

  • You will receive a new account with the desired plan. We can not upgrade already existing accounts.

  • You will have to wait 1 week between your purchase and the delivery of the account for the trial to end.

  • You will have full access to the account afterward.

  • The warranty applies for the whole period of your subscription.

  • The Premium subscription will last as long as in the title. When the period ends, so does the subscription. Breaking the warranty terms of the product can void your subscription.

  • If you need help with your order or have any questions, please create a ticket on our Discord server, contact us on, or email us at [email protected]. If you contact us, you have to include the Order ID to confirm your purchase.


  1. We can't upgrade already existing accounts.

Diamond Plan Benefits:

(Check the site for the exact benefits of other plans)

  • Unlimited Game Review

  • Unlimited Coach Explanations

  • Unlimited Insights

  • Unlimited Puzzles

  • Unlimited Lessons

  • Unlock All Bots

  • No Ads

Optionally connect your Discord to get exclusive accesss with your purchase.

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