YouTube Premium Upgrade

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YouTube Premium Upgrade
0% – Kick Rate
100% – Legal & Safe
Warranty – From 1 Month to 1 Year (According To The Plan Bought)
Delivery Time – 0-24 Hours

How It Works:

  • When paying, you will need to submit the account email of the account you want to upgrade, but for the 12-month prepaid plan, you need to submit the account details of the account you want to upgrade. Your region will be changed, but you can change the language and password as soon as the upgrade is done.

  • Also, set up a backup code, no matter if you have or haven't already enabled 2FA, you can always trigger verification. If you don't know how to set up a Google Backup code, follow this tutorial:

  • The warranty applies for the whole period of your subscription. The Premium subscription will last as long as in the title. When the period ends, so does the subscription. Breaking the warranty terms of the product can void your subscription.

  • If you need help with your order or have any questions, please create a ticket on our Discord server, contact us on, or email us at [email protected]. If you contact us, you have to include the Order ID to confirm your purchase.


  1. You can't have an active subscription or have been in any family plan in the past 12 months. If you want to create a new account, we can help you transfer your playlists.

  2. Your account must not have Google Pay/Apple Pay linked or link any while our upgrade is still active.

  3. You can't have made any payment in the past 12 months on your account (Google will not allow us to change anything then). You can't add a new credit card and buy new goods or services online on this account, it will void your warranty.

  4. You can't change your email address while our upgrade is still active. (You can change the password and language anytime you want after the upgrade is done)

  5. The account should have a Gmail as the login email, and you must have the setup for the Gmail done already.

  6. The account should be sent with backup codes unless it is brand new.


  • Watch videos without ads

  • Download videos to watch offline

  • Background play

  • YouTube Music Premium

  • Continue watching, Listening control & Picture in Picture Mode

  • Other Premium features from YouTube on your account

Optionally connect your Discord to get exclusive accesss with your purchase.

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